My Voice is Change



Photo Taken By: Moraima Capellan Pichardo

My voice is the representation of change. The change that started from the shackles of discrimination through slavery, to the accomplished vision Martin Luther King Jr. left reflected on his “I Have A Dream Speech.” In this speech the significant figure, Dr. King draws us an image of the progress that stands before us today. We have risen from the dark and now light is shed upon us, African Americans. My choice of words that are jotted down inflicts on our right to freedom of speech. Each letter, each word, and each paragraph that I write reminds us that we no longer have to sit in the back on the bus, our homeland, Africa, is no longer severally invaded by the corrupted world of racism and we are no longer forced to be kept under bondage. The knowledge that is engraved in my articles informs my audience about our black community, which includes our improvement and our faults as a race. The voices of many civil rights activists were left in silence, but the voices of their future generation have finally been heard. My voice is change!

 Written by: Chantelle Paguandas 


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