The B*tch Thing

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“B*tches be like”… “B*tches ain’t shit”… “These B*tches can’t be trusted”… “These hoes ain’t loyal.”

Honestly, what has damaged these people’s minds?  This is 95% of my news feed on Instagram everyday.  It’s sad because we like it, which means we’re condoning being called a “b*tch” or a hoe.  Most of the time, it is men who post this on Instagram, but females post it too at times.  Yes, I am one of those people who laugh at it and continue scrolling down, but it’s really not funny.  I know they have the “Ni**as be like” … as well , but not as much as the “b*tches be like.”  There’s this B*tch thing happening on Instagram.  I find it funny because the same guys who call women b*tches, are the same ones wanting a girlfriend or someone to cuddle with when it’s raining, because we all know b*tches love to cuddle when it’s raining out. 

I’m not going to sit here and blame the entire male species, because it is also a women’s job to know her worth.  Know her name, her name is not B*tch or Hoe.  But, since we allow men and the media to call us b*tches, it brainwashes some of us and we start calling ourselves b*tches, our friends b*tches.  We can all attest that we have called our friends b*tches before because it has become a part of our lingo.  It is unfortunate and it can be stopped, but only if we put our foot down and stop liking these pictures, stop calling each other b*tch and hoe.  It may not stop a whole nation, but it will prevent people you know from disrespecting you.  I’m pretty sure no one wants to be called a female dog.  Ladies respect yourselves.

Written by: Miquira Jordan


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