Finding My Voice



Photo Taken By: Moraima Capellan Pichardo

As a 19-year-old second semester freshman with a major in Political Science, I find myself being constantly inspired by the experiences I go through on a day to day basis. I remember writing my first article for The Voice. My article was entitled, “Natural Hair Movement.” In that article I documented the new movement that has started with natural hair and the science of Black natural hair care. That story, alongside many others gave me the opportunity to voice my opinions, my thoughts, and allowed me to share a little bit of who I am, being that I myself am a natural hair girl.

I love to read, play the piano, sing, dance, and act. But most of all, I love to write. Writing I would have to say, is my number one passion. I express myself through my writing, and my creativity spills out the most through my pen and paper. When I find that I cannot literally voice my opinion, I will most likely write it. I also find joy in writing about experiences I have seen many people go through. From relationships, to successes and failures, life is like a movie to me. I feel as if everything is staged and I am a character, reading off of her script. And the people who I come in contact with from a day-to-day basis are co-stars. Now that may sound like a funny way to view life, but that’s how life appears to me.

With me studying Political Science, I would like to take it a step further and someday go to law school, in the end becoming a lawyer. I am a person who fights for justice and is constantly seeing the deprivation of justice in this world. I tattooed “Justice for Africa” on my forearm a couple of months ago because I wanted to show my strong belief in justice and bringing justice to those who need it most in my opinion.

The Voice has given me a voice and to those who have chosen to listen to it, thank you.

Written by: Araba Aidoo-Apau


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