30 Day What??

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I like big butts and I cannot lie! Sir Mix-a-lot isn’t the only one who gets excited when he sees a ton of junk in the trunk. Lately there’s been much talk about this new “30 Day Squat Challenge.” In the photo of the calendar which is shown above, there is a female showing her voluptuous backside. To the sides of her are the days of a month which is usually 30 days. Next to the days is the number of squats the individual performing the work out should do for that day.  Now you would think the person who invented this workout would go easy on the average Joe and start off with 10 or so squats. NOPE! The challenge starts off with 50! That has to be hard on the knees. Now if I’m going to be doing all these squats, it better be for a good reason and I better see some stellar results right? Not so much.

While this challenge can promote exercise and help build and tone the legs and butt, the challenge can also cause many to have self-conscious issues as well. Many girls, and older women are not doing this exercise for fitness reasons, but more-so for aesthetic reasons.

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Did anyone ever stop to think of the mental effects this challenge would have on a young girl who isn’t curvaceous? Indirectly, society is always telling these young girls that men only go after the Kim Kardashian physique. It’s not enough to have just brains and a good head on your shoulders. Now they are giving us a manual instructing us on how to make our butts look good? It’s even gotten to the point where young teenage boys are posting pictures of the squat challenge calendar on Instagram and Facebook, prompting young girls to try the challenge.

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Ladies, fitness, regular exercise and a healthy diet is essential to living a long, healthy and beautiful life. And, with proper training and exercise, you can obtain the desired hour-glass figure. But, please don’t consume yourselves with the idea of having curves in all the right places. Learn to love the body you were born in. Let others know that you are the definition of sexy. Society will always have an idea of what the average female should look like. But you are not society; society is made up of you. Together we can make a change to eliminate, or at least decrease these awful views of women. Let us work together to redefine the definition of beauty. Beauty is in me, beauty is in you, and beauty is in US. I dare them to take that challenge!

Written by: Araba Aidoo-Apau


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