Undeniable Fashion Trends


Fashion trends are arising every year. From baggy clothing to aztec prints, fashion is changing at the speed of technology. People are wearing things they could have never imagined wearing a few years ago. The need to be different and stand out has caused people to make daring fashion choices. However, in an attempt to be different, everyone simply cannot avoid wearing the same things. People are now designing and creating their own pieces of clothing to prove they are original and unique. The title of being a fashion designer is slowly losing respect due to the fact that half of our Facebook friends or Instagram followers consider themselves clothing designers. There are three particular fashion trends this year that seem to be invading the closets of people everywhere: spikes/studs, leather and the wedge sneaker.

There cannot be an official date or time as to when spikes on clothing became trendy. When we use to walk the halls of high school, the gothic clique where the only ones known for wearing spikes/studs. However, today having clothing covered in spikes has become more common than sliced bread. You can walk into any clothing store in Soho and find a few pieces that where once considered a plain t-shirt or pants as now “dope” because there has been some spikes added to it. Hats, jackets,backpacks, shoes, jewelry etc., there is no limit to what people will put spikes on. This new modern rockstar addition to clothing has become undeniable and people everywhere are giving in to this trend. Many people cannot sew or create clothes, therefore spikes/studs has become a easy common addition to clothing that can be done by anyone. People are not satisfied with a few spikes or studs, it has become the more the better. Next time you are out for some shopping, maybe you should count the amount of people you see with spiked or studded clothing. I’m positive that you will lose count within a few minutes.


The wedge sneaker has become a trend that is hard to ignore. Although this is a trend in the world of women’s fashion, men are complimenting and noticing the evolution of this trendy sneaker design on women everywhere. Many women don’t like wearing sneakers and feel they are more for men. Therefore, the wedge sneaker popularity began to grow due to the fact that women could wear sneakers and still feel feminine. Wedge sneakers provides the sporty look of a sneaker with the addition of a comfortable hidden heel to add height to any fashion look. Not only is the wedge sneaker appropriate for women of all ages, but you can wear them on a casual day in the office or out for a night on a town with some friends. Almost every shoes brand makes a wedge sneaker, pricing from up to $800 down to $40. This appears to be a trend that is not going anywhere for a while.


Leather is the new black. A few years back, leather would be considered only for the fall/winter season. However, these days leather has become apart of clothing all year round. Genuine leather comes at a high price, therefore clothing designers have began using faux leather to make pieces more affordable and lighter. Racks in every clothing store have been invaded by leather clothing. From motorcycle jackets to leggings, I can confidently say there may not be one type of clothing that has not tested the leather trend. Leather has not been restricted to black or the primary colors, if you think of a color then it has or can be leathered. Men and women alike are following this trend and this has become apart of fashion that seems it is here to stay. Remember that old leather jacket that you thought you would never wear again? Add some spikes to it and pair it or pair it with some wedge sneakers, you have now become one the trendiest people in the room. Fashion trends are evolving all the time, so be careful to claim you will never wear something today because you just might find yourself shopping for it tomorrow.


Dominic Rivera


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