The Letter Better Left Unsent

the voice

The most valuable relationship a young woman will have in a time of need is the relationship with her mother. Without a mother, in my opinion, things will be different. Well, I can speak upon that myself, without my mother I did become a different young lady. Her physical presence was there but the mental aspect of the bond we were supposed to share was absent. On the outside I had a hard shell, I did not care about anyone’s feelings beside my own. On the inside, I was a lost soul, dying and yearning for the love of my mother. I began to give up and started failing in school. I went from A’s to D’s in 3 weeks. Then, reality hit me… I wasn’t graduating. This couldn’t be, but then I remembered something, something that I should not have forgotten. With or without the love I want from my mom I have to move on. I always need to prove myself to her so this was my chance. Try harder and move on, and that’s what I did. I graduated with honors…and it wasn’t enough. And, at that very moment, I felt and knew that without my mother I was a different young lady. I knew that I would continue to persevere and strive for nothing but the best because the absence of my mother’s love made me a stronger woman than I ever thought I could be.


Jasmine Barlow


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