Hashtag Side Chick


“Text me when you’re free”

“Let the phone ring twice”

         “Make sure no one sees you when you’re coming in at night”

      You never love her but you always need her

     You never kiss her but you always please her

    Public displays of affection are lost in the crowd

    Let that chick know its always in and its out

She said she caught feelings,

You smile and say “That’s cute”

    As she gazes into your eyes, your main chick texts you

   The side chick knows her role

Never argues or fights

But deep down inside she’s dying,

Dying to say she loves you will all her might

You f**ked her and you left her claiming she knew the deal

Telling her what ya’ll had wasn’t real.

Main chick calls and you go.

Leaving side chick to wonder

“Why didn’t he chose me”

The side chick is the girl you go to when the main chick isn’t around.

The one who keeps your dirty little secrets to save your name around town.

Side chick sits back and thinks

Whispers and Blinks

Smiles then drinks.

Side chick isn’t the side chick anymore.

‘Cause side chick found her main dude.

Boy how the roles have changed.

 Contributed by Darlynda Brownlee


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  1. I think that the swamp boys are so good

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