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Young people today are easily influenced. In a time where teens are unsure about life, love, politics and the future, we are always looking for somebody to guide us in the right direction. The world around you can feel like heaven and hell, freedom and jail, a lie and truth, and an ongoing question that we, by ourselves, can’t seem to answer. When lost in the world what do we do? Follow the music. Music is one of the many guides for our generation. In society today music is an outlet for an artist to use as a confession booth and us as listeners look to it for emotional clarity. It influences us in our everyday movements, and how we live our lives in both positive and negative ways.


Music has influenced how young people act toward each other in a large way. It has aided the objectification of women and establishment negative female identities with them being under male control and male dominance. Rap music has led to the overuse of the phrase “Bad B*tch” by men and women in today’s society. Artists that so often fills our ears have used it so much in a positive sense that young people in turn carry it on in the streets. Young women refer to themselves as “Bad B*tches” as if it is some type of profound title because the music lyrics portray it to be. You’d have to wonder what would happen if all rappers decided to stop using the phrase. Music influences don’t always have to stay dominant, they also come in phases. Tyler, the Creator and his Odd Future collective came into the music world brass and bold with lyrics portraying rape and murder leading to teens everywhere following along wanting to eat roaches in order to be involved in their antics. All of America’s youth claimed to have popped a drug called “Molly” and sweating after hearing Trinidad James track titled “All Gold Everything” and some sought out the drug to actually feel as cool or popular as the artist was to the public. These artists are like parents or role model to us even though we don’t acknowledge it consciously and they have the youth believing selling drugs and drinking while throwing money around is all life has to offer.

The music hasn’t just been influencing in a negative way. Artist like Drake and Frank Ocean have young men everywhere abandoning the thug facades to give of a more romantic image. You have seen as result of them baring their souls on tracks, confessing their inner most thoughts with the world that many individuals, the majority being young men, are being more open about their feelings instead of being guarded and reserved. The future is looking bright if artist like J. Cole and Wale continue to throw us more positive tracks that give more realistic images of success like going to college and working their asses off to reach the Mount Olympus known as fame. Many young people have been more ambitious in their approach to life in order to come up off the sidelines and leave the negativity behind. Following the music doesn’t always lead to good things, but if musicians wanted to they could change the world by changing


Khalil Waldron


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