Purpose Driven Life

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We will hear it from inquisitive grandmothers, probing professors, or fresh acquaintances straining attempts at small talk—what do you want to do after college? It comes in different forms with different intentions, but the fact remains that there is finality to the question that invokes some anxiety. Many of us aren’t sure what we are eating for breakfast the next morning, let alone have an inclination on our permanent careers. The question is somewhat dreadful because it is inescapable, but mostly because it serves as a reminder of the necessity of having a purpose.

A life without purpose is power without authority. I’m sure one can think of a few examples of former friends that now wonder through life as poster boys for stereotypes, not because of an absence of brilliance but because of an absence of a purpose of which to apply that brilliance. As vital as this whole vision/purpose thing is, it is equally important for one to seek that for oneself, on one’s own timing.

Explore passions that aren’t your own, discover new facets about yourself, and fall in love with spontaneity! It’s ok to go through the motions until you realize what your purpose may be. It’s ok to say to inquiring minds, “I have no clue what my purpose is.”

The only thing more beautiful than being purposeful is doing things just for the sake of doing it. There is a beauty in uncalculated actions that fades once one enters the workforce. So, in the wise words of the Persian Philosopher, Rumi, rest assured that “what you seek, is seeking you”. And since this is the case, go do something for the sake of doing it, while you still can afford to. Other alternatives include: making an appointment in the Compass or avoiding the question altogether.


Contributed by Sarah Mitchell


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