Women in Music: Her Lyrics


Women in the modern era have taken a whole new approach to music. Not only is it about the songs they sing, the notes they hit, and the how they reach people with their lyrics, but they have also incorporated aspects such as style, fashion, grace and beauty into the music field.

Artist like Lady Gaga, have taken a spin on the “traditional” style of music. Traditional meaning the usual song ballads about heartbreak or falling in love. Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way” is a song that teaches people to love who they are and to realize that they’re on the right track because they were born that way. Throughout the song she mentions “God makes no mistakes.” “Born this way” serves as a triumph song to individuals who feel they go against social norms. Not only does Lady Gaga sing unique songs, but she takes a unique approach to her wardrobe style as well. For the Grammy Awards show in 2011, Gaga wore a dress made of meat. Many said Gaga had taken her “style” options too far. But can we truly criticize her for wearing something she found appropriate? We’ll never truly know the reason behind her dress choice, but if the reason was to make some sort of statement, then I applaud her for rocking a meat dress all the way, encouraging other women who may be too afraid to show their true and personal style.

Recently, singer and entertainer Beyonce Knowles documented her life through an HBO series entitled “Life is but a Dream.” We all know Beyonce as a bad ass, top notch, go hard or go home performer. Many were pleased with her super bowl performance where she brought together the former Destiny’s Child singing group, and rocked the house with many of her original songs. Though Ms. Knowles is no shy person on stage, many don’t know her off stage. Beyonce is one woman who likes to keep her life private, which I must say has definitely helped to preserve her reputation and character. But we as her fans want so much more! In the HBO series “Life is but a Dream,” Beyonce shows the parts of her life that she has worked so hard to keep secret. In this documentary, this talented, beautiful and vulnerable woman shows her true self. It was an inspiring and touching film.


            Beyoncé’s sister, Solange Knowles, is another inspiring singer and songwriter. About a year ago, Solange decided to cut all of her hair off and go natural. This move startled some, but inspired many. Solange is known for being a risk taker and her adventurous style of music. Her newly released single “Losing You” which is an R&B song with a mix of pop and techno is already making its way up the charts. In the music video, she sported trendy vintage and colorful outfits alongside her backup singers and dancers. Thumbs up to Solange for emphasizing her personal style!

Many of these successful women music artists would not be where they are today, if it weren’t for the lovely ladies that came before them. The artists mentioned previously idolized singers like Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Gladys Knight, Diana Ross, Chaka Khan and many more. Those women were original trendsetters who set the tone for others to follow. We appreciate each and every single one of them for their style, sense of fashion, and most importantly, their music.

Araba Aidoo-Apau


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