Video Vixens


Although most of us hate to admit it – sex sells. Whether you are reading a magazine or surfing the Internet, the first thing that will captivate your attention is a woman in a bikini. The woman could be modeling for something as simple as home furniture, and you are now considering buying some new furniture since she posing half naked on a couch.

The truth of sex selling stands dominant in the hip-hop world, particularly the images of women portrayed in hip-hop or rap music videos. Women who appear in these music videos wear as little clothing as possible keeping our eyes glued to the screen. These barely clothed women dance around in music videos and therefore have been labeled “video vixens.” With these women capturing the audience it raises the question, is it truly about the artist’s music or is about who can have the most provocative music video?


Exploitation of women in music videos has unfortunately become a cultural norm. However, women do not realize they are making a mockery of the modeling world. Modeling is a way many women make a living. When we have some women attempting to do anything to gain some fame by appearing in the latest music video; it drops the value of women who are real models. More importantly, there is a lack of respect between the music artists and women. If their lyrics are filled with “hoe, slut, b-tch, etc.” and women still want to appear in their videos, then there is also a lack of self-respect.

Music artists are attracted to fame, women are attracted to materialistic things from these artists and consumers are attracted to the sex images of these women. This is a mutual beneficial relationship that ultimately degrades women. As a society, we should search for better ways to uplift these women rather than telling them all they are worth is a “pair of red bottoms” if they dance in the latest music video. As long as we continue to let these video vixens fill music videos, the more difficult it will be to change the unfortunate perceptions of women.


Dominic Rivera 


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  1. shamaris perez

    Love it. I second that!

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