The Woman in Love

Picture for love article

Superman has his kryptonite, and women have love.  They say love makes you do crazy things – I believe that it’s true.  Women will do ANYTHING when they are in love, because that’s just in our nature.  We are the nurturers of this world, and as women everything we do involves our emotions.  Especially when it comes to loving our significant other, we put so much on the line without even noticing. 

The moment we notice it is when we’re crying into our pillows late at night trying to understand what went wrong.  Love is a trap that we fall into each time.  We don’t know any better, we don’t know if it’s going to be real or if this person we’re dealing with is just a really good con artist.  But we give love another shot, because we feel it’s worth that.  We feel that maybe, just maybe this person can be “the one.”  Sometimes we don’t even know what we define as “the one,” anyway – but we look for them.

We allow love to consume us, and swallows us whole.  We just allow it because we want it so bad.  We want love in our lives.  When we find that person we fall in love with, that person becomes our world. That can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how much we let that person take over our lives.  In general, love should never have a negative connotation. The woman’s love isn’t to be toyed with, because it is a rare passion only truly given to the deserving. We have been the ever-loving companion, fearless and steadfast since the beginning of time. The woman is the epitome of love, it’s about time someone takes notice.

Miquira Jordan


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