Betrayal of Beauty

Video vixens, Victoria Secret models, and celebrities have depicted a certain body image females aspire to have. A whole lot of “junk in your trunk,” “double D’s,” and “light skin being the right skin” is an A+ in the world that we have created. The media has contributed to the physical challenges that women go through by promoting the trend of what is beauty.

Setting up these beauty standards such as long straight hair, wearing a size 2, having a slender physique, and many more unrealistic characteristics, has allowed women to lose their own identity. Some women have even gone under the knife and getting things like butt implants, tattooing eyebrows, and facelifts to fulfill these ideals. For that perfect body others have skipped meals or after eating, inducing vomiting just to prevent themselves from gaining a pound.

Not only does the beauty requirement lean towards the ideal figure by means of surgury, but also the use of make up to help these beauty ideas manifest. The youth are now attending school with their face caked  with make up. For example, the television show “Toddler and Tiaras” displays young girls dressing up as adults from eyebrow waxing to tanning. Instilling this negative perception of the perfect women has caused the concept of “true beauty comes from within” to rapidly fade away.


The idea of this perfect body has an impact on the way a man judges a woman.  In other words, men are focused on a woman’s asset or physical feature rather than her inner being. A woman’s appearances seem to outweigh her personality now a day. However, a woman can be the prettiest but have the ugliest attitude.

Women are too busy pinpointing their imperfections in the mirror, instead of embracing their flaws. Little do they know, those flaws are what set them apart from everyone else. Women come in different shapes, sizes, and complexions. Furthermore, being different is beauty!


Chantelle Paguandas


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