At a public University where people can walk on and off campus freely, the first thing you would want is around the clock security – right? But what if the people doing the damage are the kids next door?

This spring semester, cameras were implemented into the tunnels, and dining areas of west campus. My fist thought, “its about time!” But in speaking to some students who live on the west side of campus, they feel like fish in fish bowl, on constant watch. West campus, including resident halls Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, and Oneida, are buildings that are known for being wild and crazy everyday of the week; from the stories I’ve heard, on west side everyday is the weekend.  So when situations are constantly reoccurring, as administrates, what other precautions’ are expected?

As students, college students at that, I think we sometimes take for granted our freedoms and taint the flexibility we have. Yes, college is the places to live, learn, have fun, make mistakes and do it all over again, but at what cost?
Being a Resident Assistant in Funnelle Hall has exposed me to so much I didn’t even really know was taking place in the dorms. We are constant alert for drugs to vandalism. Students talk about “being grown”, and living on their own, but the incidents that occur don’t prove that at all. Why is that I can’t go to the bathroom without locking my door and I’m right down the hall? Why can’t I hang out in my lounge because almost all of the furniture is missing? And that’s only in Funnelle; I can only imagine what goes on everywhere else.

There are ways to enjoy yourself and get the college experience without subjecting yourself to vandalism and theft, and whatever else is being done. Students have lost the privilege of walking through basements with no one watching, but I rather a little security opposed to constant crime.

My personal opinion, these cameras were one of the best things put into action. Maybe this time, people will take a second and think twice.


Kiana St Louis


About batistaadriana4

I live and breath the fast-paced and high stakes lifestyle that is New York City. Born in Queens, NY I attended SUNY Oswego and I am a Political Science major with a minor in Sociology. I am a writer and co-editor of the online magazine The Voice ( I'm learning to accept myself and at the same time, I am trying to navigate the chaos that is my life. I make new discoveries along the way so stay tuned for the ride :)

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